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10 Reasons why you should have a mobile version of your site

Your site has not changed for four years, but your users, visitors, and the way they visit to your site have changed.

Many of your users have exchanged the hours spent in front of a monitor for hours spent in front of a cell phone or an iPad and of course: your site is not optimized for these resolutions, screens or forms of use (as small buttons, giant forms, etc.).

In Pixmat Studios we have increasingly developed mobile optimized versions of existing sites. In this article we detail 10 reasons why you should have an optimized version for mobile devices.

Reason #1: Even today, more than 10% of your users surely use a phone to visit you

We’re not talking tomorrow, a month or two years. It is now common to find a figure of at least 10% of your visitors using a mobile device or tablet to visit your site.

Let’s consider a simple place like this one. In Pixmat Studios, a site that we could classify as fairly common, 17.58% of our visitors do so on a mobile device, distributed as follows:

  • 10.71% of visitors accessed it using iOS (iPhone and iPad).
  • 6.20% of our visitors accessed it from an Android device.
  • 0.56% of our visitors accessed it from a BlackBerry device.
  • And 0.11% did so from a Nokia device.

We had similar figures in our previous version of the site, but with higher dropout rates.

Therefore we decided to make a new version of it, using Responsive Web Design for Pixmat new site to work perfectly on mobile platforms.

Reason #2: Every day this number grows, not diminishes

Many studies indicate that by near 2015 there will be more users of mobile devices than of personal computers.

This means this change will happen gradually and for several years it has been moving towards this direction.

Reason #3: In countries like Panama, the share of mobile devices has increased significantly

As the studies of the annual technology rate in Latin America from the Latin Business Chronicle show, Panama had, for the past few years, a wireless subscribers penetration rate of 184.7%, locating it in first position and well above the average for the region, the which is 101% .

When we compare that to the 21% increase in computers sales that we had in the same study, we observe that the sale of mobile devices is growing rapidly.

This also can be solved with a mental exercise: how many people do you know that has a phone with Internet connection and no computer? And how many people have a computer without an Internet phone? Those are the questions we can ask.

Reason #4: Not only young people are "fashionable"

Studies, similarly, show that not only young people are turning to the use of wireless technologies:

Datos demográficos de ventas de teléfonos
Demographics of phone sales

If you're thinking you do not need to because your audience is a younger audience, then think again. The iPad is a popular device among businessmen, for example, and they browse the web using this device. Do you want to give a bad first impression?

Reason #5: Your site is difficult or impossible to us

Have you used your current site with a mobile phone? Surely, if it is not optimized for mobile experience there will be some or all of the following problems:

  • Loading time is extremely slow when connected to 3G or Edge.
  • The site is huge and you have to zoom-in and zoom-out to read.
  • The site has so much content that the user gets lost in the scrolling to use it.
  • Your site is simply impossible to use: it is made entirely in Flash and you see nothing from the iPhone or iPad.
  • The buttons are impossible to push (very small, for example).
  • Forms do not detect email fields, web addresses or phone.

Make easy to use buttons and components
Make easy to use buttons and components

Reason #6: It's a (small) investment that is worthwhile

If you can reach more users you can generate more money. Similarly, studies show that the loading time of your site is inversely proportional to sales through your site (for e-commerce sites such as Amazon).

Slow loading of your site? You are losing money
Slow loading of your site? You are losing money

This means that if your site loads slowly, less people buy your products or use your site to buy. Amazon got this right and made great improvements its site loading times and mobile application, which resulted in increased sales.

Reason #7: More and more people use their mobile phone to read their mail

Imagine this: you send an email newsletter to a person, with a link to a new product or a new offer. Did you know that more and more people receive and read their emails from their phones?

If the link is impossible to see or use from your phone, they will lose interest immediately, even if you've already captured your attention, which is many times the most difficult situation.

If we add up that also more people use Facebook and Twitter , or even search at Google from their phones, we have people, users and potential customers you lose every minute, having a unusable site.

Reason #8: Your competition is already doing it (so hurry)

If you have not done it and do not plan on doing it, you are giving your competitors an advantage that will surely take advantage against you.

Going mobile is a very current trend and remember, more and more people are making the switch: maybe not today but tomorrow.

Reason #9: Most of the time you reduces server costs

Remember that your application is slow? This represents unnecessary expenses on your server.

By making your site lighter, reducing file loading (such as images, CSS, etc.) you will reduce your server load and reduce bandwidth consumption significantly, which transforms into savings.

Reason #10: Availability, almost anywhere

Surely you've already had lunch with a client on your phone or iPad, and certainly you didn’t take your laptop.

Wherever you would go you would have a usable version of your site (that is worth showing). Can you do that same thing today?

Those are 10 reasons why we recommend that you or your company consider optimizing your mobile website today. If you are undecided, I recommend that you contact us or quote our services.

In a future post we will be analyzing several technologies to make this job easier.

Demostenes leads the Engineering Team in Pixmat Studios. He's a Electronics Engineer and a coffee lover.


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