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Back in January we closed some projects we had on the table successfully. We declined a number of projects on January to concentrate in our own personal website, the new website for Pixmat, which was launched one week ago.

However, during a working night, there was an idea that came to our minds: ¿what about doing a service alternative to, but within 8 hours of work? It sounded like an interesting project for our sleepless nights. First of all we planned the name and with some luck we found that was available, so we picked it.

Now, we had to define the application flow, which proved to be simple: hit Twitter's API, check friendship between users and then display the result in a funny and easy way for the final user. As base for our application we chose Ruby on Rails - one framework we've been using in the last projects, 960 - our favorite grid system for now, although we're looking for a different option, and other technologies such as jQuery, HTML and CSS.

After less than 8 hours of hard work during nights (and just some coffee) we had everything: design and development up and running. You can look at the final result. become, with our second application based on Twitter.

Demostenes leads the Engineering Team in Pixmat Studios. He's a Electronics Engineer and a coffee lover.


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